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Blue Skies

I just wanted to jump on and say what an incredible experience it has been when I found Hi-Tech Helicopters. I have been to a few places and was not getting what I thought I should be getting. When I first met with Phil and a few other instructors they completely make you feel comfortable. They display the patience you need as a starting pilot or becoming a instructor yourself.
I continue to travel from Michigan to finish my training. Phil, along with the other highly experienced instructors, take the time to invest in you not only has a future pilot but as a person as well. This is a true testament to why Hi-Tech Helicopters is so successful in what they do. Soon enough I will get the golden ticket as well.
If you are considering pursuing any dreams and goals of aviation
I highly recommend Phil and the Hi-Tech team to make them come true.

Great equipment with fantastic instructors.

I was very pleased with the training I received at Hi-Tech. Went from zero to my rotorcraft rating in a short period of time.

Blue Skies

I trained with Phil for a number of hours over the years. He is a very patient and thorough CFII and a very nice person overall. Very experienced in training students. Learned a lot from him. Definitely recommend him.

Great place to learn how to fly! Phil is a wonderful instructor with tons of experience

.An AMAZING job! This was my first flight experience outside of fixed-wing, and the instructor did a fantastic job of bridging my previous experience with the needed instruction.


Phil is the most professional flight instructor I’ve worked with during my fixed wing instrument training.

I went to Hi-Tech for a discovery flight and it was great! Phil was a really nice guy and was great at explaining things. I look forward to continuing my training with them! Highly recommend!!


the instructors were great, loved learning here!

Outstanding Flight School! I use Hi-Tech for a private add-on rating. Their helicopters are well-maintained and easy to schedule. Philip Polstra is very knowledgeable and makes learning enjoyable. He made every hour count, and I was able to complete my add-on rating quickly.

Phil Polstra is an excellent CFI and a talented pilot. He was my primary instructor through my PPL. As a teacher myself, I recognize that he is a seasoned instructor, meeting my needs where they were, tailoring instruction to my background and ability, and he knows the standards and content inside and out! He helped me to achieve my aviation goals while emphasizing safety, challenging me when I needed it, but also providing solutions and guidance.

My CFI, Phil, took me from deer in the head lights student to a pilot that has the confidence, skill, and smarts to fly safe despite all pressure's otherwise. When he is flying alongside you, he will teach you as your family and one day you’ll be taking his family up—and trust me, he wants them down safely. If you haven’t talked to Phil yet and you’re in the flight area, call or text him to get you up in the air.

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